Month: September 2018

Why Asbestos Removal is Important

Asbestos is one of the oldest ingredients that has been used in construction for decades. The pocket-friendly price and the ability to keep the heat away made it very popular. However, it has several drawbacks too that has made asbestos removal services so important these days. The material has become a highly hazardous substance that pollutes the environment and also affects the health of the people who are using it or lives near it. That is why many property-owners have taken the initiative to remove old asbestos from their house and keep their family safe. Over 30 million residential and commercial properties are known to have asbestos and it is not good for anyone.

Potential health hazards

Asbestos contains hazardous fibers that are harmful to anyone who handles the material. Even tested asbestos can damage your health in more ways than one. If you are exposed to asbestos for a long time or you are in the asbestos manufacturing business, there are high chances that you will suffer from mesothelioma, asbestosis or even lung cancer. The dust particles from asbestos can go into your nose and block the air passage. This can go on for months and soon you will notice symptoms of asthma.

Cleaner environment

Keeping the environment clean has become a priority now. Gone are the days when you could get away with an asbestos roof or protecting the garage with an asbestos door. With the potential health hazards and the environment safety becoming more important, it is high time that you get rid of the asbestos items that you have in your house. Asbestos contamination is a global concern and everyone should do their part in keeping the environment clean. So, if you have any part of the house that is protected by asbestos, make sure you hire experts such as (see website) to get it removed as soon as possible.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos can exist both in homes and at office properties. It can be a part of the ceiling or siding or floor or even used for insulation purposes. So, when you decide to remove all these parts, make sure it is done carefully. It is always wise to opt for a company that has experienced men who have the knowledge to remove asbestos safely. The first job is to break the asbestos down without polluting the area. Asbestos doors or sidings may not be broken but if it is a roof and there are several panels installed and joined together, there will be no other option but to break the panels down one by one.

Commercial properties often have asbestos installed as a part of the parking roof. It will be better to get that removed by a professional. These roofs are large enough to cover a big area and will require several experts to remove the entire structure. Imagine the kind of pollution the roof has created until now. You may not have realized but these roofs can become the cause of unwanted health problems that can turn on to something serious in the long-run.

Professional Asbestos Removal In Brisbane Australia

Asbestos is made up of six mineral fibres – which belongs to two groups such as the Serpentine Group (white asbestos) and The Amphibole Group (grey or brown asbestos and crocidolite or blue asbestos). The material was popular as one of the most common components in building materials before the late 1980s. That is due to the many desirable properties such as heat and electricity insulation and flexibility. The strength and versatility of the material made it one of the most common components in building materials of yesteryear. But the latest scientific studies revealed that the exposure to asbestos fibres could lead to various respiratory illnesses and cancers. More than 30% of the homes built before the 1980s were built with this material. Asbestos was widely used in the country for wood heater insulation, roof capping, as well as, exterior and interior cladding. That is why you should be cautious about demolishing a building built in the 1980s. Such a building can consist of asbestos materials. Here is why you need the assistance of a professional asbestos removal company in Brisbane Australia.

The use of asbestos is completely banned in Australia today. But if you live in an older house and plan to renovate it, you should be extra cautious. Asbestos testing and abatement are essential in case you live in an older house that needs renovations. Demolishing an old building is not something that you should decide to do on your own. You need a professional asbestos abatement service on your side when dealing with such issues. That is the best way to safeguard the health and well-being of you and your family.

The asbestos extraction process includes many steps such as:

Identifying the presence of asbestos – Asbestos cannot be identified just by looking at the material. A professional with specialised training and the right equipment needs to be present during the process.

Risk assessment is an important factor to consider when demolishing an old building that contains asbestos. A professional will inspect your residential or commercial establishment and take samples of the materials. These samples are sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

Diagnosing – If asbestos is present in your building, an evaluation should be conducted before further action is taken. If the building is not damaged and could be left as is, it should be left alone. In fact, asbestos isn’t dangerous until it is disturbed or damaged.

Abatement – A professional asbestos removal service would take care of the abatement process. They have the necessary skills, training, tools, and protective gear to handle such situations. Once the material is removed, it should be sealed in appropriate bags and taken to a legal disposal site.

A professional asbestos abatement company will dispose of the material together with the protective gear at a proper and licensed waste facility in Australia. That is why you should be working with a professional asbestos abatement company such as Total Asbestos In Brisbane (see website) when dealing with asbestos in your home or office.