Tips for Extending the Life of Your AC

Air conditioning is an important aspect of any building. It is important to ensure that the AC system is working efficiently so as to provide more comfort and consume less power. When your AC unit fails, it is not a pleasant experience especially if it is during the summer. Repair and installation of AC units are not cheap, making it a good idea to prevent such thing from happening. The good thing is that you can improve the efficiency of your AC and extend its life, saving you a lot of money in the process. Below are some tips that will go a long way.

Cleaning the outdoor unit

Many people don’t do this, but you should be doing it from time to time. This is because you will be extending the life of your AC by keeping the outdoor unit clean. The outdoor unit should be free from debris, mulch, and weeds. When debris accumulates in the unit, it will affect the functionality of the AC. You should also consider placing the unit a couple of inches off the surface. This is because the unit can be affected when there is water pooling during the rainy season.

Regular maintenance

The AC unit needs regular maintenance so as to perform efficiently. Calling a professional to come and check the unit is important. They will be able to see if everything is working the way it is supposed to be and do any repairs if needed. If you do regular maintenance, then you can expect your AC to last over a decade.

Clearing the AC drain line

A blocked drain line is a common problem with AC systems, and it is common to get this problem during the summer. You can easily clear the AC drain line by using a cup of chlorine bleach. Flush it through the drain then rinse it with water.

Checking the fan rotation

The direction that the ceiling fan is rotating in determine air circulation. If the fan you have is rotating at a counter-clockwise, then it can circulate cooler air in the room. You might not need to use the AC. Using the AC less means it will be able to last a little bit longer. is the right place to go in Brisbane if you are looking to have an AC installed or repaired. You should also consider getting them to do regular maintenance for your air conditioning system.

Samantha Adamson